Copy of BayonneStrike


“I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes.”             — Carl Sandburg



EPISODE ONE: Heroine, Hero & Villain

At first Olive remained vigilant and took sensible precautions. After experiencing something like that, she most certainly did–after that monkey face she’d met just twice, neither time a proper date, suddenly demanded–not asked, mind you, demanded–her hand in holy matrimony. I love you, Olive, marry me tomorrow! And all the rest of it. That big cake had some crust! And when Olive, naturally, said, “Go on, get lost, you must be off  your nut,” he threatened to hang a bust in her teeth and swore he’d get even, see if he didn’t. “You’ll be sorry, Miss High and Mighty Olive Ince!” Well, of course, following a melodrama like that, any young girl with brains in her head would look both ways henceforward and hook the occasional glance over a shoulder, stay very much on the alert, and Olive Ince was a young girl with more than her fair share of brains. On those evenings when she worked late, she would ask a boy clerk, but never the same boy twice in a row, she didn’t want any of them getting ideas, to please escort her home, and she keyed the lock and slotted the chain as soon as she closed her door.    Continue reading